Whole 30 Recap

Happy Monday! But most of all HAPPY END OF THE WHOLE30! I had to yell that because I have so many feelings about finishing the Whole30.  In case you didn't know here is what I wrote about what the Whole30 is and why I am decided to do it. Today was my first day of reintroducing food back into my diet. As much as I wanted to start today by eating all thing things I couldn't eat before I knew that was a bad idea.

Today I brought back in gluten free grains (gluten free oats, quinoa, etc) to see how my body reacted. I had overnight oats this morning and it was a nice change from eggs. I have eaten more eggs in the past month that I have ever in my life. Just being able to alternate every other day with something other than eggs was such a treat.  I kept the rest of my meals Whole30 compliant just to make things simple.

Weight Loss:

During the Whole30 you aren't supposed to weigh yourself at all during it. Well I did because I needed to know it was working. But I tried something new so my mind wouldn't get in the way. I had my husband be the only person who saw the scale and he would tell me how many pounds I gained/loss. I didn't even know what my starting weight was. Here is how my weeks broke down.

Week 1: -4.2lbs

Week 2: -2.0lbs

Week 3: -2.6lbs

Week 4: 0.0lbs

Total weight loss8.4lbs

I am very happy with this. I am working to not get down to a number but get down to a weight where I feel I look the best. I am going to keep with this trend of doing a blind weight so my mind can't be a factor.

The goal of Whole is not to lose weight but to change your relationship with food. Although the goal shouldn't be weight loss mine was a bit. I wanted to see if eating consistently healthy and whole foods would help me lose weight. Clearly it did. Learning the fact that you can't out train a bad diet is a huge thing for me.

Stomach Issues:

I have weird stomach issue which are not that uncommon for runners. Some day(s) it is a real challenge. And some runs I need to make emergency pit stops. Somedays I feel like a balloon filled with gas and my stomach just hurts. There doesn't seem to be too much of a reason. It happens when I eat healthy and it happens when I don't. It is one of the great mysteries of the world.

During the Whole30 I made note to see what happened in my belly. I was surprised that things did get better. Less bloating. More regular. And as a true runner, I was finally able to poop BEFORE coffee. What news! Not sure what I was eating or drinking before that was causing this issue but I am making sure to note what I am adding it and when my issues come back (if they do).


I only got about 3 weeks into my training so this is hard to judge but I was very impressed that I was able to keep up with my runs without the use of traditional fuels. I used potatoes, veggetables and fruits for carbs to help keep me going. During my runs I used Lara bars (instead of gels), and drank water and coconut water. I maxed out at 10 miles but felt pretty good.

I am excited to put my NUUN back into my water bottles and maybe even some gels. As my running increases I want to make sure I have the energy to keep up.

Would I do it again?:

Yes! I will say it was hard and being in a pretty rural place made it harder to get most of the food that are compliant (ie the nearest Whole Food or Trader Joe's is two hours away). It was a great experience. I really saw  that I did not understand how much food I need to eat to power myself. I don't see myself as an athlete although I workout and train for races regularly.  During this I ate a lot. I had very large breakfast and lunches. I ate potatoes and fruit when I wanted to.

Most of the time that I wanted to eat something it was just because I was bored, or felt I deserved it because I had a long day. It was rarely because I was actually hungry. I was able to eat as an athlete would eat and that felt pretty darn good.

But as I sit here writing this drinking my much anticipated glass of wine I am happy knowing it is over!


Would you ever try the Whole30? What would you hope to get out of it?