Back to basics for a month with a twist

Hello from the midwest!!! I am staying in Kansas for the month with my brother and I am excited to be in a city that has things going on. But this means that I will be without most of what makes me comfortable. My favorite running route where I know every turn, hill and potty place. My gym where I know how hard each spin class will be. The lack of fitness classes that even within an hour drive.

But being away from what I am used to means I am going back to the basics...but adding at bit on to there.

I have got a one month membership at Planet Fitness. Nice and simple. They have weights, they have cardio machines, and they are open 24 hours a day. Boom!

But my added bonus (actually one of two bonuses) is that I have treated myself to a one month unlimited Class Pass. There are so many classes that I have wanted to go to and classes that I love going to. My goal is to attend as many as I can and give a thoughtful review of each!

My second bonus is that KC has running groups! Getting to meet other runners. Run with other people. And explore the city? All great things!

Stay tuned for my thoughts!