Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

Happy Thursday!! This is the first week in a while that hasn't crawled by in a while. But that might be because we are starting to really get in the swing of things at work. And things are about to get even busier. Today I am linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons

1. Felicity

I just finished watching the late 90's early 00's TV show Felicity. I'm always a little a lot late to the game. It was nice to remember a time before smart phones (or cell phones to say the least). Where people spent time together and college students were truly forced to be on their own.

2. Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage 

I am currently on 17 of the Whole30 (more than half way done!) and these have been such a huge help. Cooking every single damn meal is so exhausting. I don't want to have to spend 30-45 minutes on each meal. I have been using these for lunch, and dinner and even sometimes breakfast. They cook in under 5 minutes. Are Whole 30 approved. And they taste good! Win all around!

3. Momentum jewelry


I got in the mail (after much waiting and confusion) my first Momentum Motivate Wrap. I recently became an Ambassador (ME) for them and I am so excited. I'm already in love with their stuff. I already placed an order and will be buying them for all my friends for holidays and birthdays (spoiler). I love that you can change out the wrap, have custom sayings and they are super comfortable.  I'm already planning a way to display them all in my office (craft project here I come!).

4.  Yogi and Zusi


This just makes me laugh! I used Sporting Kansas City's app to take a picture of my dog Yogi and it is just too funny. Her face says it all!

5. My weekly running recap video


Shameless self plug. I am working to make a weekly running recap. I love video editing and just want a reason to do it more often. I just hate talking in front of the camera. I never know what to say and end up just being weird.  I want to take more video footage of my runs and what I am doing and work with that.





What is your favorite motivational quote?