Thinking Out Loud #1

Happy Thursday everyone! I am linking up for the first time with Amanda from running with spoons for my first Thinking Out Loud Thursday. 1. I'm on the hunt for the perfect natural and neutral lipstick. The color that looks like my lips but just a little bit deeper and better. The color that I can put on without worrying it is going to come off within an hour or fade so it looks like my lips are outlined like in the early 90's.

Might have to make a serious (and long trip to ULTA) to try out some new lipsticks/stains. Any suggestions are welcomed!

2. Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie are my new favorite snack. The Sprout's near us has them on sale this week and I thought I would give them a try.  I am working to increase my calorie intake and these are high in calories than my normal snacks.  I'm a pretty big fan of their Birthday Cake flavor.

3. I've always wanted to try a paint and sip. The idea of attempting art while drinking wine (that I can bring in) appeals to me. So last Friday we decided to try a paint and sip. This is how I feel about how mine turned out!


IMG_3451 2

4. Got my shirt from my new running coach this week! I am working with Marc from Train With Marc.  He is going to be helping me reach my goal of running my first marathon. I will be blogging my whole experience.