KC Running Company group run

Happy Monday! I am the rare breed that loves Mondays.

This weekend was filled with relaxing, running, brunch, and naps. Sounds pretty perfect to me. On Sunday me and Ed decided to do a group run with KC Running Company. Neither of us have ever done a group run but I wanted to push myself outside of my running comfort zone.

Running in Maine compared to running in Kansas in the summer are two completely different things. It was about 75 degrees and humid when we got there. They have an 8 mile loop laid out with water stops about ever 2 miles. I knew we were not going to make it the whole 8 so we decided that we would access after the first 2 miles how far we wanted to go. But before we get started, a picture!

Large group ready to go!

Everyone started their watches and headed off at their own pace. Since I wasn't 100% where we were going I just kept an eye on the leaders of the pack. We followed at our own pace knowing that at mile 2 there would be water. Felt good with no pain in my shin or knee. Great improvement from the week before during my half marathon.

We decided at mile 2 that we would go one more than turn around to get 6 miles for the day. Felt better and better as the miles went on. Once we got past 4 miles my pace picked up a bit. Feeling warmed up and sweaty.  Finished with an overall time of 55:44 (9'17" pace). Splits were: 9'27", 9'09", 9'38", 9'25", 9'23", 8'42".


For my first group run it was awesome! Knowing I could run my pace and my mile number without fear of being judged was perfect. Everyone was friendly and it felt like a group of friends who just happen to run at this time.

We followed our post run shower up with brunch! We ended up at The Big Biscuit in Overland Park.  Let's just say they live up to their name! I got the western omelet with a biscuit and an extra side of sourdough toast (I can't say no). It was amazing. Just amazing.


Question of the day: What is your go to brunch meal?