I want to run a half marathon...twice?

I might be crazy now. Really crazy. I have started to think about what my next running goal is. I've done 6 half marathon to date with another one coming up in two weeks. They are still not easy, nor do I want them to be easy. But I'm looking for the next challenge. Sadly, there is nothing really between a half marathon and a full.

Weighing all the options have been challenging.

Could I actually train for this? During August the busiest month of work?

Will I die? What if I hurt myself?

Will I still like running after this?

Can I lose weight training for this? 



But I know me. And this idea has already passed into my mind. Once I start to question if I can do something I've already made up my mind.  It means I am going to do it. Or I am going to at least try my hardest.

I am going to make this worth my time, stress and tears (you bet there will be tears). I am going to run in my favorite city of all time, Kansas City! I am have signed up up to run the Kansas City Marathon on October 15th.

I will be blogging (maybe even vloging) my training! Get excited.

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