Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a Half Marathon PR

Oh welcome me I guess.  I've basically disappeared into the world that is work, life and everything else. Each time I sat down to write I drew a blank. I was unmotivated to write and wasn't sure what to even write about. But now I know! I am going to PR at the Garmin Marathonthis April. I am going to be running the Half Marathon and my training plan is focused on one goal, beat my previous half marathon PR of 1:56:26.

And since the Garmin Marathon is all Oz themed (it is in Kansas after all), I will be...

I am using a modified old Nike training plan. I am mixing in a good amount of cross training and will be looking to fine tune my diet to provide the best fuel for my body. Below is the plan for the next 12 weeks.

Feel free to follow along!