Happy Friday #1

What have I been loving this week? Well enjoy this happy Friday post! //This Unruly Mess I've Made- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis//

"Let's Eat" is my new theme song!

I never knew what a carbohydrate was. Turns out it's all the snacks I love!

//Spring Break//

My school is on spring break until the 20th which is great for me! It means a relatively quiet office and an even quiet home. No students means no yelling at 2 am out your window. It is amazing

//MLS Opening Day!//

Sunday was the first soccer Sunday for the 2016 MLS season! This means Sundays will now be rounded out with long runs, BBQ and hours in front the TV cheering on our team, Sporting Kansas City!


//Running with my dog//

Since it appears that winter in Maine is over it is time to start getting my little dog out to run again. During the summer time we were able to do 3-4 miles 2 times a week no problem. Well she hasn't been running nearly as much. I love running with her when I want to go slower than my normal pace. Plus it really tires her out!

//Snap Chat//


I know I am super late to the party. But I am really starting to like snap chat. I don't think I use it as much as most people or to the best of my ability. But I love watching others stories on it! Feel free to follow me bridgetgaug

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