EverFit KC Cycle-Turn & Burn Review!

When I booked Cycle-Turn & Burn I honestly had no idea what I was walking into. I had already loved their Ultimate Fit Camp so I knew that it would be something new and exciting. I was ready for some spinning!

Once again I was welcomed by the instructor and instructed to get a pair of weights for the outside portion. I adjusted my bike, got my 10 pound weights and got ready for who knows what.

The bikes at EverFit are great! They have a display that shows your RPMs, heart rate (if you have one on), gear number, and calories burned. Rather than a mystery turn of a knob to guess how much harder you want to go it knew how many gears you were at. Once you found your base the instructor would call out how many gears to go up or down.  Much easier for a consistent workout and to know when you get stronger to change your base number!

After we were fully sweaty from climbing and sprints all those crazy things one does on a spin bike we got off and headed out into the balmy 70 degrees of the parking lot. As if we needed the heat to ensure we were sweating. The next 30 minutes turned into a mixture of weighted moves, plyometrics, running and ab work.

I left sweaty and feeling like I could conquer the world!

Overall thoughts:

Talk about a challenge! Normally after I do a spin class I will go to the gym to get some strength training in (and vice versa). But this was the exact combination that I have been looking for. Great cardio burn while spinning (and warming up my muscles). As much as I love working out I don't want to have to spend 2 hours a day doing so. This class was efficient with time and didn't give much time for rest. Plus modification were welcomed if you needed it.

If you don’t have a class pass they have a variety of options for memberships. Check out their site for different pricing options.



*This is not a sponsored post. Neither Class Pass or EverFit are sponsoring this post*

Question of the day: Do you like working out outside during the summer?