Dream Team- Races to Run

When I sign up for a race I look for a few things.

  1. Location, location, location- It should be in an area where I can see/try new things. Or an area that I don't get to visit often. I use races as a reason to take a vacation with my husband.
  2. Course- After running a half marathon where the last mile was a hill was the worst decision ever. Some hills are fine, but not the last mile. I also look for a course that has some fun things to look at. I ran the Nike Women's when it was in DC both times and it was amazing. Running right by the capitol building is pretty awesome!
  3. Expo: This is always a fun thing to be apart of. Walking around and seeing different companies and what makes them different. Plus who doesn't love trying free samples of products! If it's free, it's for ME!

But sadly I don't have tons of money for traveling and signing up for races. But here is my bucket list of races to run!

//KC Marathon//

Guide to KCM

//London Half Marathon//

//Yellowstone Half Marathon//

Bonus: Caldera Triple

//Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon//

 //Portland Marathon/Half Marathon//

Question: What is your dream race?