Getting to my #raceweight

Oh boy, things sure have changed.  Since we last chatted I have done one-half marathon, one 10k, and oh yeah. Moved across the freaking country! My little family picked up and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Oregon to be more specific! We have been out here for a little less than a month and loving it so far. 

With this new adventure comes new goals. I'm now smack dab between Tracktown USA (Eugene) and Niketown (Beaverton). This means there are a lot more runners than my small little town. Which just drives my competitive nature up to be better; but to be better than myself. 

I would consider myself a middle of the pack runner. I'm not exceptionally fast, but I don't worry about being the last one done. But I have not seen much of any improvement in my running regardless of how many races I do or how long I run. 

And the even harder part to admit is that I've gained weight back. If you didn't know I worked really hard from the Winter of 2011 to the Fall of 2012 to get healthy and lose some excess fat. I honestly went from about 170 to 140 ish. And I kept it all through the summer of 2014. During that time I fell in love with running and PR'ed at my third half marathon.

But my first full-time job and just enjoying not being in grad school the weight slowly came back. Not all at once. And not even in a way that I noticed. I never stopped working out or training for races. And I ate healthy-ish. But it seemed that I could not get back the into that push to get back to my "race weight".

That leads me to today. This will be uncomfortable for me. This will be raw for me. But this will be important to me.  Where I am today is sitting at approximately 157.1 lbs and 31% body fat (at 5'4"). My BMR is 1425 calories a day. (All this was done thru a body fat test at (Physique Fitness). This is not where I feel comfortable or where I feel I perform my best. 

So where am I going from here? Well, I am making a change. This is not about losing weight or looking a particular way. This is about getting my body into the shape where it can work at the optimum level to run. I am using a few resources to create a plan that will allow me to get to my race weight while keeping my running fitness going.

First I have finally gotten a personal trainer through my gym. I meet with her two times a month and one of those times we take my weight, body fat, etc. She is also giving me nutrition advice based on my workouts. Secondly, I have been using what I have read about in Racing Weight (affliate link). From here I'm breaking my goals into smaller chunks in different areas. 

Weight Loss: Lose fat (while maintaining or gaining muscle). Less about the number on the scale and more about the body fat percentage. Move from 31%-24% and reassess for next goal.

Performance: Improve half marathon time to be consistently under 2:00 hours. PR goal for spring 2018 1:54:00.

Nutrition: Work to eat as an athlete by eating to fuel my body. Understand that if I am training hard and pushing myself I need to make sure I am eating enough and eating nutritious food. Remembering that I am not the person that can survive off of 1200 calories a day even though I may be small.

Balance: I don't want to spend my whole day/life thinking about what I am eating. I want to be able to go out for a glass of wine or beer and not worry about it. I want to be able to live and enjoy the delicious food that is around me.

I have many goals and I am ready to be real with myself. Be honest. And be transparent on everything. Get ready to follow me along.