About Bridget


As you may have guess I am Bridget, a nearing 30 fitness lover who happens to work on a college in the great state of Maine.  I work closely with college students helping them figure out their lives while I figure mine out.

I started Shine on Bridget in 2016 after starting (and stopping many blogs) I decided that I wanted to keep myself accountable in so many ways. I want to track my progress, my growth and my goals. I love trying new workouts, new routines, new technology and anything else to keep me from getting bored.

I love running, spinning, watching soccer, and being with my husband. We got married in 2012.

We have a wonderfully sassy mini Australian shepherd mix named Yogi who is one of the best things to happen to me. She comes along with me on runs and keeps my anxiety and stress in check.


The recipe for this blog is part running, a bit of other fitness info, part healthy food post, part drool worthy post, dash of dog pictures all with more memes than should be allowed.